FusionCharts.com – Flash charts

FusionCharts.comFusionCharts is a charting component that helps you create interactive and data-driven charts, gauges, and maps for your web applications. It easily integrates with your existing web applications, whether they are in ASP, ASP.

NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, or just a bunch of static HTML pages. To add to it, FusionCharts works with all databases including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or even legacy data systems.

FusionCharts offers over 75 types of 2D/3D charts and over 450 maps to choose from. Chart types range from the basic ones like pie, bar, line etc. to advanced interactive ones like true 3D charts, scroll charts, self-updating charts, etc.

FusionCharts offers a set of real-time graphs, self-updating charts, and financial charts such as Gantt charts, Funnel and Pyramid charts, Spark charts, Bullet graphs, and many more. These graphs, gauges, and charts support many types of interactive features.

Animated charts, maps, and gauges add that extra zing to your web applications, which help you impress your customers and bosses. The copy-paste style installation makes it handy for you to install FusionCharts on any type of server. The cross platform nature and cross browser compatibility enables you to use FusionCharts with any programming language, and the enhanced integration with AJAX/JavaScript helps you build and update charts at client-side itself.