– The Science Of Having Fun is a portal for younger science enthusiasts, where they can learn how to have fun and make amusing tricks just by putting the basic laws of physics and chemistry to work.

The site is designed in flashy colors and has some characters to make it more attractive to younger audiences, though the overabundance of banners make it a bit hard to concentrate on the subject matter. In any case, the site’s content is very interesting, as it hosts activities for kids of all ages, cultural backgrounds and gender: one can find stuff for young magicians, cooks and stand up comedians, including lo-tech science experiments, riddles, trivia and jokes. The information presented on the site has been put together by the webmaster, and when the project or activity was taken from a book or website, the source is acknowledged, and thus the site is a very valuable resource for teachers and parents to go on reading about fun stuff to teach to their children. User submissions are also welcome.