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Freevibe.comPowered and developed by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, is a portal that aims to help teens wade the imminent risks of dangerous activities: taking drugs, surrendering to peer pressure, and having sex.


The site’s design is quite cool, and it features several multimedia and animations, and thus aims to catch the eye of teenagers around the web, especially those that are only having their first experiences with soft drugs, like marijuana. Accordingly, the site is written in short and to-the-point sentences indicating facts about the dangers of smoking cannabis or the ways in which tv commercials or magazines ads portray a deceitful and often misleading image of ourselves. One of the most interesting bits about the site is an interactive animation of the brain where by pointing to highlighted areas of it, a small text flyover displays explaining exactly what the damages of smoking marijuana is to, say, the hypothalamus, and what that means in the short/long term, explained in accessible language, with a couple of dialogue bubbles coming up and making smart comments; for instance, when referring to the increased appetite that occurs after smoking cannabis, the bubble displays messages like: “sure, pigging out is really attractive”, or “It’s soooo not safe to drive high”.


Author : Steve Dixon

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