– Electric Supply Company

FoxElectricSupply.comIf you’re looking for a store that carries all types of electrical supplies in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area, you should check out Fox Electric Supply Company. Fox Electric is the go-to place for electricians and contractors.

The success Fox Electric is due in part to getting busy customers in and out quickly of the store, and of course by offering the most competitive prices around. The store has a wide variety of items always in stock and the staff is very knowledgeable about electrical supplies. Since Fox Electric caters specifically to contractors and electricians the size of the inventory is more than sufficient for the local businesses and homeowners in the areas where the stores are located. Fox Electric now has seven stores all together, three of which are in Pennsylvania and four are in New Jersey. On the website you will find the same supplies you would at any of the store branches. Browsing is easy, simply select the category of interest and you’ll see a list of all the related products that are available. From then on purchasing is only a click away. Whether you’re thinking of dropping by the store or shopping online, you’ll receive only the very best products on the market.