– Add Effects To Your Photos

FotLine.netThis site provides a place where you will be able to find cool effects to add to your photos, layouts and much more. To start off in this site you can enter the effects section and select among the different categories such as Flip Vertical or Water Effect, Puzzle Back, Sketch Transformation and many more to find fun and entertaining stuff that you can use in your photos whether you have an account in Facebook, Orkut or anywhere else.

If not, you can always use the search engine bar available as well. Apart from what’s been mentioned above, in this site you can also find a wide variety of ads offering more interesting and fun applications that you can use such as text generators, glitter text, cursors and much more. A contest in which you will be able to participate in is promoted here where all you need to do is upload your photo with cool effects, so that other people can rate it. The person that wins is the one with the highest rating of all.