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ForewordMagazine.comAt first glance, one could very easily confuse with a literary journal, but if you take a moment to look around you’ll see that this magazine is about so much more than just books: it has really more to do with what happens in the hiatus between a manuscript is submitted to a publishing house for approval, and gets sold in a bookshop or goes to a library bookshelf.

Since they seem to be more concerned about what is really going on in the kitchen of books, well, their product is certainly of interest to a very different audience to which the average literary journal aims to, and targets mainly agents, publishers, booksellers and librarians. By visiting the site, users can read the ePaper version of the current issue (which can be a bit complicated, as the magazine has an impossible amount of ads), or read selected pieces and opinion articles in web version. All the content that goes into this bi-monthly publication is original editorial content, and each of the issues seem to cover a specific issue, like faith in the case of the one that can be read on the site these days. For aspiring agents and authors, Foreword Magazine is a great place to learn about conventions and calls for submissions. While you are waiting for the next issue to appear, explore the subscription area to learn how much it costs to have the magazine delivered to your home, or take a look at the daily book reviews, or the selection of articles for other sources deemed worthwhile reading by the editorial team.