– Medicinal Plants and Therapeutic Oils has a unique approach to healing.

They use the power of nature to reclaim and maintain health, at the same time the safeguard the ecosystems from which they get their ingredients. The aim of the company is to be able to set an example by generating the highest possible quality through sustainable means. Plant extracts and essential oils are the key ingredients in Fonoils products. Those ingredients are the result of organic agriculture in pristine fields. Due to the purity of the ingredients their final products maximize the healing power of the oils and reduces the possibility of negative side effects. At the site you will be able to find many categories for the wide list of products. Those categories are h-balm for herpes, warts no-more, hemorrhoids no more, shingles no more, phn no more, eczema no more, erectile dysfunction, yeast no more, tea tree oil, pms fitness, athletes foot no more, menopause ease, ringworm no more, impetigo no more, chicken pox balm, jock itch no more, lysine for herpes, stretch marks no more, lavender oil, nail fungus no more, moles no more, molluscum no more, acne no more, scars no more, cold & flu no more, soreness no more, immuno boost and medicated soaps.