FluorideAlert.org – Fluoride Action Network

FluorideAlert.orgFluorideAlert.org is an organization that wants people to be informed about the dangers of using fluoride compounds.

This site offers all the information you need to know about this issues and what it does to your health. The site is organized into different categories so you will find the information in a faster and easier way. The categories that you will find at the site are: latest news, water flouridation, health effects database, sources of flouride exposure, fluoride pollution, fluorine pesticides, take action and overview of fluoride concerns. What is more, the problems that are produced by flouride compounds are covered by the media. Some of the publications and news stations that support this campaign are: abc news, the politico, khou-tv, calgary herald, vancouver sun, cns news, organic consumers association and flouride journal editorial. It is important for us to know the dangers of using this compunds and what can do to our health so we can prevent us from having any health issue. If you want further information about this topics then you should visit fluoridealert.org. FluorideAlert.org