FloridaSupremeCourt.org – Supreme Court of Florida

FloridaSupremeCourt.orgFloridaSupremeCourt.org is the official website of the Florida Supreme Court.

The website contains everything you need to know about the whereabouts of the court and the court’s functions. More than 80 judges have served in the court since 1845, when it first received hearings. The chief judge of the court is R. Fred Lewis, whose job is not only to hold cases that are presented in the court, but also to preside over all of the state’s local courts. FloridaSupremeCourt.org contains a full list of the justices of the court, the dates they serve, the succession of the justices, and their merit retention. The site also contains the Standard Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases; a Public Information page for court news, high profile cases, summaries of cases, the court calendar, and other court case information of interest to the public; the Clerk’s Office, for information on pending court cases; and much more information of general interest. If you want to know about the functions and decisions of the highest court in the state of Florida, visit FloridaSupremeCourt.org. FloridaSupremeCourt.org