Flightm8.com – Flight Information At Your Fingertips

Flightm8.comDo you fly often to different parts of the world either for leisure or as part of your job? No matter how you answered that question, this mashup will give you the possibility to make use of Google technology in an interesting way in order to find the distances and details for your next trip. When you navigate trough this site you immediately realize that there are not many options for you to click on.

However, that is not something negative because this is a system that was especially created to be used in a simple way.

The defining feature you will find on this site is that you will be allowed to know who flies where by the use of an interesting and efficient map view. This service is very effective in order to give you the data you need – information regarding airlines and airports is known to change by the minute. I cannot really tell you that the service has any innovative or almost magical solution because it doesn’t. However, a service like this is truly effective and useful.

The way the system works is very simple and you just need to use the search box you will see on the site in order to pinpoint your current location. After that you need to choose the airports where you are going to fly from, and the system will give you the results you need. The same process is applicable in order to find all about the airports that will act as your destination. The system will also give you the chance to find different routes between the place you are leaving and the one you are going to.

Flightm8.com In Their Own Words

“FlightM8 is a new and intuitive way to find flights anywhere in the world. You’ll no longer need an encyclopedic knowledge of Airlines and Airports”

Why Flightm8.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it is a simple system that will help people save time and energy when searching for their destinations.

Some Questions About Flightm8.com

When is this service going to include all the major airlines and destinations? When is this service going to reach its full development? Flightm8.com