Fleetowner.com – Magazine For Trucking Fleet Managers

Fleetowner.comDo you work in the trucking industry? Do you own or manage a fleet of five or more trucks? If the answer is yes, then you might be interested in a publication that has been designed specifically for fleet owners and provides vital information on such subjects as operations, vehicle maintenance, industry regulations and information management technology. If this kind of publication sounds appealing to you, then you might consider taking a look at the web site of a magazine called fleet owner.

You can learn more information about this magazine by taking a look at there online edition at www.fleetowner.com. This web site tells its visitors more about the content of the magazine, gives them news stories, product reviews and the chance to seek some advice from the professionals who write the magazine. This site also includes some features that wont be found in the magazine, such as blogs and a wide range of pod casts. Fleetowner.com