Flashportal.com – Flash Videos and Games

Flashportal.comFlashportal.com is a site that gathers unique and original flash games and movies submitted by the site’s regular visitors, who can actually make some money with their creations as well, and thus Flashportal.

com ensures the high quality of the content it presents, which can be viewed/played online but not downloaded. Most of the stuff I took a look at includes reviews by the people that played/saw it before you, and they are generally quite useful when trying to figure out what the game or animation is about. Also interesting about this site is the fact that it presents a small factsheet briefly describing what the game or movie is about, what the advantages over the previous version are (if there is one), plus basic instructions and way to get around. Interestingly, this site notes who submitted each game or movie, so you can go to that person’s profile and check out other submissions. The range of topics and styles covered by this site is quite ample, so that people with different tastes and interests will find something they’ll like here for sure. Flashportal.com