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Finishdishwashing.comFormerly known as Electrasol, Finish is a line of dishwashing products such as detergents and additives. Information on these can be procured online at Finishdishwashing.

com. The site presents the visitor with three different main pages. The first deals with the automatic dishwashing detergents that the company produces, whereas the second is devoted to the featured gels and powders for the removal of tough food stains. Finally, additives are catered for in the corresponding part of the site, and these include rinse agents and performance boosters. In addition to listing each one of the tablets and pacs on offer the site features a help chart that acts as an online guide that provides not only a concise description but advice on how to further improve the performance of the available products. On the other hand, the site includes a “News & Offers” page that lists not only the most recent developments but also special offers and promotions that are certain to keep bargain hunters entertained.