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FindPeopleOnPlus.comGoogle has finally managed to break into the social scene successfully with the release of Google Plus. Online conversations have been (if not dominated by) certainly centered on one of the few services ever released that can clearly compete with Facebook. And one of the first things that happen when a new social service launches (and that applies both to the successful and the unsuccessful ones) is that people wonder who is already there. The death knell of a lot of social services is the why-should-I-join-if-none-of-my-friends-are-there mentality. And that is exactly what the service being reviewed right now is here to address as far as Google Plus goes.


Find People On Plus is nothing more and nothing less than a directory of people on Google Plus. It lets you look users up based on what they do for a living, how many followers they have got and their relationship statuses. And also by country.

The idea is clearly letting people who are unsure whether joining or not Google Plus have a taster of what expects them there. And I frankly think that such an aim is achieved more than satisfactorily, thanks to the simple and practical interface that has been favored, and the speed at which everything operates. In Their Own Words

Google Plus Directory.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can but let people decide to join Google Plus more quickly.

Some Questions About

What if this service is ever provided officially by Google? What will happen to this site right there and then?


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