Feedmil.com – A Search Engine For Feeds

Feedmil.comThere is a long tail of feeds dong the rounds, and that comes as no surprise really. The vast majority of sites on the web today come complete with a RSS feed, and it is impossible to keep track of every single one.

That happens for the simple reason that we can’t keep track of every site that surfaces, not even if we are interested in a given topic. That is why a search portal like this one has some intrinsic value – it will let you look up feeds that you might really like, and that would go unnoticed otherwise.

The search process itself can be refined by way of a provided slider that will let you set a popularity range from “Surprising” to “Well-known”. This way, you will have a chance to check feeds that few people have heard about, and you can also discover popular feeds that for some reason or the other you had failed to notice before.

This project was started by a web scientist and three search engineers, and it aims to become “the best feed search engine in the world”. Only time will tell whether or not it will achieve that aim. If you want to judge its merit, just follow the link which is displayed below and carry out a couple of searches yourself.

Feedmil.com In Their Own Words

“Feedmil is a feed search engine featuring a spam-free, topic-focused search for a variety of feed types including news, blogs, microblogs, social media feeds, audiocasts, photocasts, and videocasts. Feedmil’s goal is to help people search feeds of interest in the most efficient and easiest possible way through the use of innovative technologies and user interfaces. Feedmil improves the entire feed search process. In the search interface, feedmil allows users to specify not only the query but also the popularity range of feeds, enabling them to quickly discover high quality but less popular feeds located in the long tail of millions of feeds. On the search result page, feedmil gives a new feed search experience that is focused on quality and topic relevance beyond just popularity. With powerful slider controls for adjusting topic significance, users will be able to get more accurate results and at the same time explore the feeds they like serendipitously.”

Why Feedmil.com It Might Be A Killer

There are so many RSS feeds that checking them all manually would be a nigh impossible task. Services like this are there to make such a process feasible.

Some Questions About Feedmil.com

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