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Fatiguesarmynavy.comThe fatigues Army Navy & Surplus Gear Co. is an online adventure store.

It sells military clothing, outdoor clothing, military fatigues, kids camo, duffle bags, camping supplies and survival gear. There is a cutlery department that collects paramilitary camping knives and machetes. The store also sells items such as outdoor survival manuals, and zippo lighters. There are WW II posters and military insignias and pins. The most salient aspect of the store is the apparel department, which contains tactical clothing (as used by SWAT or ULTRA FORCE), police and military sweaters and shirts, military headwear and bandanas, military boots and outdoor socks, aviators flightsuits and coveralls, military gloves, belts and accessories, and firefighters uniforms. There are also Vietnam-style jungle fatigues, alongside navy and infantry collections. Orders can be placed online, and there is a return policy. Accepted cards include Mastercard, Visa and American Express. It is also possible to order by mail, and cashier’s checks, money orders and certified checks are accepted. There is a useful table that lists the shipping rates within the United States. Fatiguesarmynavy.com