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FashionMash.comFashionMash is a site that must have taken its cue from the popularity of pedestrian street fashion sites such as FaceHunter and any number of city based fashion gawking sites so basically its focus is on your closet. At the site users can upload photos of their wardrobe and share their daily outfits.


The site offers tools for arranging clothing articles and creating new outfits not only with your duds, but also with those of your fellow fashionistas. What is more, outfits get their own profile and are subject to praise, critiques and recommendations. If you happen to come upon a member whose style amaze you, then you can subscribe to their profile/closet, but you can’t add them as a friend. In addition, you will be able to experiment with their stuff and check out their daily ensembles. So if you are a fashionista you should check out this site


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