Famousamericans.net – Virtual American Biographies

Famousamericans.netFamousamericans.net is a website that offers visitors a large database of famous Americans’ biographies.

Hosted by Virtualology.com, the site provides its users with over 30,000 biographies of prestigious personalities of the American history. The documents feature thousands of pictures, 19th century illustrations, signatures, and exceptional life stories. One thing to have in mind is that this group of biographies isn’t closed at all; the site invites volunteers to edit the documents modifying the ones you think are wrong or incomplete, and publishing your own favorite biography. At the homepage you will find a clear description of the site’s objective. There you will see a long list of personalities alphabetically organized, as well as a YouTube video that will tell you about all the site’s resources. You can click the name you would like to see the biography from, and you will access it immediately for free. To learn more about how to edit or publish documents, you should email the site. Famousamericans.net