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FaithfulAdoptions.orgThis is the main website of Faithful Adoptions, the place where orphan children and future parents become happy families. Faithful Adoption is an established, non-profit, licensed international adoption agency, and it’s on the internet to straighten the path in some children’s and some parent’s lives.

People developing this project consider that orphaned children also need to have faith that one day there will be loving people they will call “mom and dad”. So if you are an adult person who would like to adopt a child, you could start from this site. Check the “Waiting Children” section on the left hand side of your screen, where you’ll see three main links: Available Children, How to adopt a baby, and Referred children. After you’ve browsed those specific sections and saw how this organization works, you should get started. Access the links within the How To Start? section, where you’ll get information about registration forms, adoption seminars, and financial options.