Fadedgiant.net – Guide To Antique Books Value

Fadedgiant.netYou should think twice before throwing away that dusty old tome. That is the message that one gets after browsing through the contents of the Faded Giant website.

Basically, the site is an online resource that lets you find out how much is an old book worth by means of carrying out your own antique books appraisals. There is an online list which is made up over 50,000 antique books prices. The prices included in said database are determined by recent online auction prices. However, you must bear into mind that the prices provided are approximate, for the simple reason that the book condition itself is taken into account when performing the online search, and book condition is actually a key aspect when it comes to establishing the price. The site also includes some useful elucidations that have titles such as “Are all old books valuable?” and “On the value of old bibles”. Fadedgiant.net