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Facesaerch.comBuilt using the Google Images API, Facesaerch allows users to enter the name of a person into the search bar and receive results that only include portraits of the person queried. The engine can be set on safe mode so that no inappropriate images for children are displayed and it also includes lists of celebrities and popular people.


For those that have trouble putting a face to a name, Facesaerch is a convenient little tool that can help to trig your memory by providing multiple photos of the face in question. Images are displayed in a left-to-right scrolling format and can be clicked on if a larger size is desired. In Their Own Words

“Facesaerch is an image search engine for faces powered by Google. All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The search works very well and testing brought back only images of faces which is in itself a feat of engineering. This site might become popular as more and more people upload photos of themselves on the web and could eventually become an online directory of sorts.

Some Questions About

How many people will find this to be a useful application? Aren’t people happy enough searching for photos on Google Images?


Author : Caroline Bright

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