eyeQ.tv – Read Faster and Enhance Your Memory

eyeQ.tvThis site is the official site for the popular eyeQ company, the one behind the product of the same name that claims to help ALL CUSTOMERS improve their reading speed from 2 to 10 times in only 12 sessions of 7 minutes each. In terms of design, besides looking absolutely stunning, the site is a real example of how product promoting portals should be like.

It has plenty of multimedia content, all sorts of information about the product, positive testimonials from previous customers. The site also includes a Frequently Asked Questions Section, answering all the common doubts of its visitors that you should visit if interested in the product. The possibility to buy the product is currently offered only from the United States because of shipment complications. All you will need is a valid credit card and you can order the product which comes packed with loads of extras instantly. eyeQ.tv