ExploGuide.com – Find New Places To Visit

ExploGuide.comWith a focus on places which are decidedly off the beaten track, ExploGuide stands as a good alternative for these travelers that have already seen a lot of the world, and who are now looking for new surprises.

These places are named explos, and they are submitted by users of the site. Anybody can sign up for free and begin submitting his own explos for all to see. And users of the site can actually join (and create) communities. This makes it very easy for locals to coordinate their efforts, and show the world the places they live at in the best possible light. And any explo that is created can come with a map, too.

The site highlights the most popular explos on its main page, and the same goes for the ones that have been added more recently.

All in all, quite a good way to see the world from a different perspective. People who have already traveled a lot will love it, if only because it will give them a whole share of new horizons to set off to.

ExploGuide.com In Their Own Words

Off the path travel data base.

Why ExploGuide.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to learn about these places that attractive, but usually known only be locals.

Some Questions About ExploGuide.com

How man explos are already featured? ExploGuide.com