Ex-Designz.net – Something For Everyone

Ex-Designz.netIn the time before we had social networks, we had chats, and before Google came around, we used to be quite fond of internet portals, so if you still haven’t got around to web 2.0, take some time to enjoy the vintage taste of a site like Ex-Designz.

net, which truly holds something for every taste: from code databases to karaoke, and from web templates to ‘this day in history’, this is a good place to find out about things you’d probably wouldn’t come across because you tend to dwell in highly specific sites. Ex-Designz.net has some really exciting sections, which allow you to listen to livestream radios from around the US, and a software downloads section where image/text/PDF converters seem to be the most popular area, and where you can get hold of some really nice image and text handling apps you might not have heard of. You can browse the site without registering, though you’d be missing on some of the perks members enjoy, which are standard social network features: mailbox, buddy list, calendar, etc. What really sets this site apart from its competitors is the fact that you have absolutely no advertisement: no banners, no pop-ups, not even Google ads, so even if it’s only for the deeply relaxing sensation of not seeing those awful pirates banners that seem to be everywhere in the internet, make sure you check out this site. Ex-Designz.net