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Ewsurveys.comIn ewsurveys.com you can find many different surveys for your own MySpace.

There is a long list in which all of them consist on survey titles, such as 105 ways to procrastinate, ABC, if I was your boyfriend, morbid survey, relationship essentials, the kiss quiz, and many other fun surveys to do. Then you can enter into some of the links which ewsurvey.com suggests, where you can find more surveys, about pimping your profile, depression cured in three minutes, free love, who sees your page? and other many more. Within this site, you can also enter other links which have more to do with your personal MySpace, such as, Virtual Pet Space, where you create a virtual pet, and then you have to feed him and give it a name, white a biography about it and further more. Other links suggested by ewsurveys.com are MySpace images, where you can find many images, for backgrounds and others for your MySpace; and the other link suggested was MySpace codes, where you can find different kinds of codes, like border, coment, game, link, online codes and other codes for your MySpace. Ewsurveys.com