Evri.com – A New Way To Explore Connections

Evri.comEvri is a new search tool that enables you to look up any person or item that interests you and see the different connections that it has with other people and concepts.

For instance, if you key in “Pete Townshend” you will be shown a diagram that links him not only with his bandmates but also to his latest romantic interest, Ms.

Rachel Fuller. Moreover, you are presented with a mini-biography, a list of articles about him, and a full set off pictures.

I also tried looking up my favorite poet, the Nobel laureate W.B. Yeats and the connections included Lady Gregory and Edward Martyn. I was surprised Maud Gonne did not show up, but that was compensated by a set of excellent pictures and an interesting collection of video files.

It must be said that in both cases the provided articles and stories were very well chosen, and they highlighted different aspects of the person in question – in Townshend’s case, they dealt with his celebrated “In The Attic” series, while the Yeats’ articles revolved about some of his most enduring pieces and mentions to him in recent news.

As a conclusion, Evri is an alluring service that offers a different take on searching information online. I advice you try it for yourself to draw your own conclusions, but I think that you are certain to find it worth the while.

Evri.com In Their Own Words

“Evri is building a way for content to network–a way for that great article you just read to make meaningful connections with every other contextually relevant article, paper, blog, image, audio clip or video on the web. With more than 15 billion documents on the World Wide Web today, there could be hundreds of thousands of documents with similar keywords requiring readers to sort out what is relevant. Evri’s technology automates connections between Web content by applying a more human-like understanding of the words on the page.”

Why Evri.com It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for alternatives to conventional search processes will take a liking to it.

Some Questions About Evri.com

How can the potential of the site be fully realized? Evri.com