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eVerify.comeVerify is a powerful search system that can let you check the background of just anybody in the United States of America. eVerify has access to over 1 billion records from databases ranging far and wide, and the site also lets you carry out an unlimited number of searches.

The results are the same in each and every case, as you are presented with a comprehensive report highlighting where did the person come from, and whether or not he has done the things he claims that he has done. His criminal records, who he is on the Social Web, marriage/divorce reports, asset information… it is all retrieved and presented to you by launching a single search.

And the site also has a people search feature that will let you get connected again with those you have run out of touch, like classmates or past coworkers. These searches can be executed just by providing some basic information such as a phone number, an email address or a date of birth.

eVerify.com In Their Own Words

Unlimited background checks at eVerify.com.

Why eVerify.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a foolproof way to know if people are who they claim to be or not.

Some Questions About eVerify.com

Are there sites that do something similar? Which is better? eVerify.com