– Find The Best Tattoo Ever Made you looking for an original design for your next tattoo?

nz is a site that provides not only tattoo designs, but also information about a tattoo and piercing store in New Zealand. In this site you can find a large number of tattoo designs such as Celtic tattoos, Egyptian tattoos, and tribal tattoos among others. You can have a look at each tattoo and then chose the one you liked most. Besides you can have a look as well at the piercing store and look at what has to offer you. Furthermore, the site provides instructions about how to deal with the tattoo after it is made. This way you avoid infections and other complications after it is done. Information about the store and of Monique, the responsible of making the tattoos and the piercing, is also provided in this site, as well as press articles released in the past about the store and the tattoos. Visit, you may find the design you were looking for.