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Esc4.netIt escapes me why on earth sites for teachers are always so complicated to understand, because note that marketing companies’ sites with all their solutions and resources and yada yada are obscure, but teachers’… you never know what’s going with teachers. For instance, when you visit the ‘About Us’ area of Esc4.


net you’ll learn that they have their parking lot under construction, and not a single sentence explaining in plain English what they do. After browsing a bit, you’ll be able to figure out that they create support material (as in textbooks) for the state schools to adopt, and also develop a variety of training and certification programs for teachers of elementary school and also ESL. If you are looking for information and reading guides on a particular topic, the site can be of help, as it provides a list of online and offline articles and journals to go on learning. The site also has an eCommerce area from where users can buy books in English, Spanish and Braille covering a variety of topics and subjects. It is quite clear that this site hosts lots of what seems to be very useful content, though the lack of coherent organization, and by this I mean that somebody that is not an expert (or employee) can’t easily understand what the company does or how to find things in the site, deem it way too complicated to be engaging or useful.


Author : Steve Dixon

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