EpilepsyFoundation.org – Info for Poeple With Epilepsy

EpilepsyFoundation.orgWould you like to find out more about epilepsy disease? Then, visit epilepsyfoundation.org, a site that provides all the information you need to know regarding epilepsy.

If you aren’t familiar with the disease and want to know what it is, the different types of seizures, medication, etc. you should go to the About Epilepsy section. For the behavioral aspects of epilepsy, you should check out the exclusive articles from epilepsy and behavior provided in the site. Explanatory videos are provided in the page as well, and contain information such as what to do in case seizures occur and show safe first aid. Categories for teens, women, parents, seniors and children are provided, and contain forums and articles specially aimed at each of them. You should know you are not alone; in the section mentioned before you will be able to interact with others telling your experiences, asking questions, etc. For more information and details, just visit the site. EpilepsyFoundation.org