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EnglishPage.comIf you are not good with languages, your English was very poorly taught, this site can help you learn what English really is. Even if it’s not for you, and you know someone who need to learn English, this site can help enormously.

This site is divided into what this site consists on, which is the menu, with all the types of lessons and methods to learn English; you can find in the menu section the weekly lesson, grammar book, verb tenses, conditionals, modals, gerunds, prepositions, mini-tutorials, irregular verbs, reading room, listening lounge, games, student forums and English schools. There is another very important and useful section, dictionaries; within the dictionaries section you can find English with foreign and English, irregular and phrasal verbs, verb and prep, and you can even buy dictionaries. These different learning or improving English lessons can be divided into four, which are by listening to English, learning grammar, with free English and to speak fluently English, and these sections are for you to choose which one you chose to follow. EnglishPage.com