EMSPS.com – Pro Software And Specialty Services

EMSPS.comEMS is a software company that claims to have many thousands of customers over one hundred countries. Although the website doesn’t say much about the company or the services it provides, you will be able to see what some of the variety of products and services it offers.

The site I am talking about is EMSPS.com. For some contact information you should refer to the last link, where you will find the phone and fax number, as well as the email. It seems like EMSPS.com is specialized in professional software and specialty services. EMSPS.com exchanges new and used software. In fact, they claim to have the largest selection of old and used software for PCs and other microcomputers. There are photo CDs for desktop publishers, including the Corel Photo program. You will not only find software; there are resources and tests for sale and rent, professional shareware, and more. Visit EMSPS.com for more information. EMSPS.com