EmersonCentral.com – Ralph Waldo Emerson Dixit

EmersonCentral.comThis site is the way to go if you need or want to know who Ralph Waldo Emerson was and what he wrote, as it hosts his complete works for you to read at leisure or for study purposes; there’s also lots of information on the biography of this poet, essayist and philosopher, but it’s presented as a whole separate section instead of providing a brief overview of the time of life a certain work was written or how it relates to other works by the same author; I reckon integrating this information to the works in themselves would be very useful for those who are only starting to know his oeuvre, and could be easily fixed by providing links to the biography area in the page for each book or collection of essays or poems. The texts are in HTML format, and broken up in individual sections; for instance, if you are interested in a book of his poems, you’ll find each poem separately, which in turn means that you’ll have to go back and forth several times to read the whole work.

Also, the site lacks easy printing options and doesn’t carry the works in PDF format, which would come in very handy. Still, the site is very useful, and even provides one of those links to help users preparing an academic paper to cite adequately. EmersonCentral.com