Embedit.Me – Make Handling Media A Bliss

Embedit.MeEmbedit is a new web-based tool that allows users to develop and put into practice actions that increase the functionality of a variety of applications in a much easier and faster way.

These applications are URL embedding, image uploading and resizing as well as video uploading and transcoding.

There is a wide variety of supported services you can get access to when searching at this site. Among many others, you can find Amazon, College Humor, Flickr, gamevee, and many other Facebook related utilities. Other supported services include Revisoin3, sevenload video, pastie, qik, etc.

The site also gives the possibility for you to take a tour on it, so you can check all the different alternatives it offers.

After you sign up in order to enjoy the many benefits of these tools, you can be a part of the sites blog, where you can share with you fellow members a variety of experiences and points of view about the site’s services.

There is no need to pay any fee in order to have an account, and whenever the company decides to roll out paid accounts you will receive all the information you need in order to get the services you prefer.