– Easily Manage Customer Email is the easiest way to manage customer e-mail.

Using the site, anyone can centralize e-mail operations and assign individual missives quickly to the correct person or department, speeding up response time and improving company image with customers.

As e-mail comes in to your inbox, you assign it to the appropriate recipient. Collaborative notes let you comment on individual messages in-house, while tags and custom saved searches, and associated alerts, help you categorize messages for quick reference.

The site supplies templates to keep responses uniform. A central dashboard gives you an overview of mailboxes, recent activity, and account usage. Analytics give you a deeper look at your mail flow, like when the most mail comes through and how fast responses are.

No long-term commitment is required; you can even try it for free to see how you like it. Paid plans run from $19 per month to $124 per month (the top level allows unlimited use) for three different usage configurations.