Eliyah.com – Elijah’s Home Page

Eliyah.comAt eliyah.com you will find serious information about Eliyah, including his message.

At the web site you will see some “truth” tracts for proclaiming the way of Yahweh, such as: what we believe, the true way of love, preaching for Jesus, the third commandment, etc. Moreover, there are many newer scripture studies, like: the Eliyah message, Bible prefaces, proving Yahushua is the Messiah from the Tanakh, why Yahushua and not Yeshua, etc. On the web site, there are also some salvation issues: the message of salvation, who are Yahweh’s true people, the key to salvation, who won’t enter Yahweh’s kingdom, etc. Furthermore, if you want to have information about the Torah, there is a section designated to Torah observance. There you will see several links containing texts related to the Torah. In case you’d like to know the feasts of Yahweh (Jesus), there is a list with his festivities, including Day of Atonement among others. Eliyah.com