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ElectronicFied.comIf you like electronics and design and you want to stay updated with all the latest, this site is exactly what to are looking for. Electronicfied.

com is a website entirely devoted to electronics and design where you can find all the latest news and articles about them. The site is updated everyday with all the latest related news with links to where they where published. In addition to this, you can also find links to related websites and to online stores selling electronic equipment. Anyway, the most important feature of the site are its online discussions. Here you can find online discussion featuring topics such as components, design, equipment, and repair, among others. Inside each category you can find user’s discussions with links and information. Though the concept is similar to a discussion board, this is something different. The site has been online since 2003 and here you can browse trough their discussion archives. ElectronicFied.com