EkoBuzz.com – Relationships & Target Audience

EkoBuzz.comEkoBuzz is a web-based mobile and email marketing company, providing clients a range of options from self-service to full service. Additionally, the company lets clients to be continually informed, entertained and involved with their targeted costumers.

The company also helps clients on their projects or works with different agencies in order to design concepts, as well as to plan and execute email and mobile marketing promotions.

The kind of clients this service has been useful for, are small and medium sized companies looking to outsource their email and mobile marketing efforts, as for example non-profit organizations, local retailers, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

EkoBuzz also works for advertising agencies or web designers firms looking to offer email and mobile marketing to their customer’s incorporated marketing plan.

Here you will have access to mobile coupons, mobile voting, text 2 win, mobile alerts, email newsletters, email promotions, etc. Along with all the advantages this kind of service has, clients can be sure they will receive a superior client service provided 24X7, 365 days a year.