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EduPursuit.comAre you going to attend College sometime soon? That is very, very nice and commendable. While it is also true that narrowing your choice of colleges to attend can turn out to be a little taxing, that should never taint the whole process.


That is because there are tools and resources like EduPursuit that will simplify everything until something tricky and a bit daunting stands as something hassle-free and even entertaining.

Essentially, EduPursuit is one of these portals that will let you conduct a college or university search, and read informative articles that deal with issues such as how to apply. When it comes to the actual search, the results can be visualized both as a list or by way of a map that puts everything in context.

This is not the first site that plays that role on the web, but it is a satisfactory one that will let you find what you want when you need it. If you want to see whether or not it resonates with you simply station your browser at and start checking and comparing. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to EduPursuit. This site was developed to give prospective college students the tools they need to find the school of their choice. Our searchable database contains over four thousand colleges and universities nationwide. Our unique search tool allows you to search by distance and view your search results on a map or as a list. We’ve also compiled useful articles on the college application process.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes something complex become simple and even enjoyable.

Some Questions About

How many colleges and universities are already part of the database?


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