– E-Cards For Every Occasion

Ecardfriends.comRegardless of the time of the year or the occasion, it is always a good moment for greeting and complimenting someone. Whether you have friends abroad or they live in the same city you live, you can send them an electronic card.

At you will find tons of e-cards for you to choose from. On the main page you will see basically two sections: general e-cards and holiday e-cards. The best thing about all the cards they have is that they are all for free. Among the holiday e-cards there are cards for Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. If there is no special occasion, you can send a general e-card, for congratulations, for instance. There are others for encouragement, friendship, romance, smiles, funny, care and concern, inspirational, Spanish, angels, and many more. On the top of the page there are cursors, photos, images, and wallpapers too.