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EbrSchools.orgEbrSchools.org is the official website of East Baton Rouge Parish Public School District, in the state of Louisiana. On this site you can find information related to any of the schools included in this district. Then, if you are thinking about sending your children to a school in Baton Rouge, this site could be of help.

EbrSchools.org is visited by those who are interested in getting information about public schools in East Baton Rouge, including elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. In addition, this site gives you details regarding school programs and schedules, as well as school admissions. Moreover, you can read the latest news and data about upcoming events.

Are you looking for public schools in Baton Rouge? Do you want to get information about these schools. If that is the case, feel free to stop by EbrSchools.org to find what you need. This site provides you with all the information related to the East Baton Rouge public schools. EbrSchools.org