Easyscreensavers.com – Free 3D Screensavers

Easyscreensavers.comScreensavers are always an enlivening addition to a computer. If you happen to be looking for free screensavers, the Easy Screensavers website is the place that you should direct your browser to.

The site gathers together a thorough collection of screensavers that have been custom designed and animated by artists that use 3D software and applications. There is an ample range of designs to choose from, including 3D animated aquariums and planets, as well as waterfalls and lakes. Other available designs include pirate ships and treasure vaults. The wallpapers are easy to download and implement (hence the name of the site), and there is a FAQ file for additional clarity, describing how to install and uninstall the available screensavers, as well as the steps for removing a currently selected screensaver. Lastly, it is interesting to point out that Easyscreensavers is part of the Hotbar.com family, which also offers free emoticons and desktop wallpapers in its network of sites. Easyscreensavers.com