EartSspirits.org – Earth Spirits And Witchcraft

EartSspirits.orgYou don’t know whether there are witches or not, but the fact they exist nobody can deny. If you like spells and believe in spirits and pagans rites, you will probably like this site.

At earthspirits.org there is lots of information regarding moon phases, webzines, the sabbats, horoscopes, etc. It actually serves as a great resource for pagans, wiccans, and witches for getting the info they require. From the web site there is available a calendar with pagan events. Moreover, there is an online community for you to discuss diverse topics, such as witchcraft, etc. On the main page of the web site there are many things you can get, like herbs, teas, mortar, and pestles, candles and holders, books, buttons, bumper stickers, sabbat products, art, posters, capes, dresses, and t-shirts, runes, taort, and pendulums, jewelry, cauldrons, chalices, and wands, oils, bath and incense, bolines, athames and swords, tapestries and carpets, etc. EartSspirits.org