EAdventist.net – Church Membership Program

EAdventist.netEadventist.net is an online technology resource, specially created to serve the Seventh Day Adventist Church ministries. If you want to make your membership ministry more effective, browse this site to see the resources offered. Organization directory and search tools are available, along with web based church membership solution and service records solutions.

Access eAdventist and create your user account for free. You can also search for Seventh Day Adventist Churches through this site, by entering the church name, city, pastor or administrator name, and other details. The system will search on the online directory. Request membership to Eadventist.net, in order to have your records organized.

In addition, you can browse the online directory for any Seventh Day Adventist Church member of this site. Remember Eadventist.net next time you search for technology solutions for churches. Use new technology and make your church ministry more effective through the membership offered on this site. EAdventist.net