Dvd.tv – Entertainment Auction Site

Dvd.tvDVD TV is an auctions website where items appertaining to the world of entertainment can be bought and sold. The site itself is split into the following categories: movies, music, games and TV shows.

The main page showcases live auctions of hot items, complete with information on current bids and remaining time until the auction ends. In order to use the services provided by DVD TV, registration must be performed. This is inexpensive, and it can be completed online in no time at all. All it takes is providing some personal particulars along with a username and a valid e-mail address. Once registration has been carried out, the individual can log in and start buying and selling items online. All transactions on the site are handled in US dollars, and payment is effected via PayPal. The site also features a forum where members can discuss TV shows, movies, music, and related items. Dvd.tv