Duratrax.com – America’s Best R/C Sale

Duratrax.comDuratrax.com is the website of Duratrax, the store that has the best R/C vehicles and accessories in the United States.

If you don’t know what a R/C vehicle is, you will get the idea when you enter the site. Thousands of pictures, animations, and videos are available for visitors to watch and choose. The difference between Duratrax and other stores is the price; you can save up to $60 in each purchase you make. Besides, the store offers a wide variety of models, as well as different high quality R/C accessories. This includes batteries, chargers, tires, nitro, bearings, and many more. For inexperienced users, the site has two ideal sections: “Service & Support”, which all the information you need to know is available; and “Gallery & Video”, where the audiovisual material will persuade you that nothing makes you feel more powerful than having a R/C in your hands. You can also check the “Downloads” section, and take advantage of free stuff. Duratrax.com