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duncanhines.comBorn in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Hines was a traveling salesman for a printer. After so many years on the road, Hines got a lot of experience about where he could or shouldn’t go for a decent meal.

That how at one point, together with his wife, he did a sort of a guide for his friends so that they too could know where to go. This list became so popular that at one point it became a paperback recognized all around the country. In fact, restaurants were allowed to put a stamp at their doors so that customers could know that it was Hines recommended. Now Hines sold the right to use his name a long time ago to a number of food related businesses. At DuncanHimes.com you’ll find the original baker cake mixs site. The site offers some cooking tips, as well as the cupcake of the month section where you can find some recipes. duncanhines.com