Dukten.com – The Definitive Database Of Products

Dukten.comDukten aims to become the ultimate online encyclopedia for products. The whole site has been created in order to gather together the unique codes that identify any item, be it a book, an audio CD or a foldable chair, and give customers a rich overview of the product in question.

For example, on the site you can enter the ISBN for any book and learn who was the author and who published it. On the other hand, you can enter the product code for any digital camera that you want to buy and be able to read all its specifications directly.

Besides, the information that is featured on the database can be edited by users. That only makes perfect sense if you think about it, really – something aiming to cover all the products that can be purchased in every corner of the world could only be built with the collaboration of users. People are enabled both to edit information and to add new products themselves in order to make the provided database stand as something more representative.

Dukten.com In Their Own Words

“Dukten’s mission is to become the universal source of product information supported by the Internet community by creating a complete and updated database which contains each product that is available for sale somewhere in the world. Any person may contribute to this task by adding or correcting the existing information.”

Why Dukten.com It Might Be A Killer

The idea is interesting: every product that you can purchase in the world is meant to be included. People who are traveling through any foreign country will find it useful.

Some Questions About Dukten.com

What is the current rate of inclusion of new products? Dukten.com