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Wayne W. Dyer, a popular American self-help advocate, author, and lecturer. Among his vast bibliography (more than 30 books) his 1976 book “Your Erroneous Zones” has sold more than 30 million copies, which makes it one of the best selling books of all times. He is also the creator of many audio programs and videos and has appeared on thousand of television and radio shows. On this official website you can get to know everything about him, his biography, and career. All his books are listed here with description, pictures, and the possibility to purchase them online. You can also read a series of articles by him, as well as access to all his latest news. Audio and video pod cast are featured here and every Monday he does a live online broadcast. Finally, all the upcoming events are listed here and to get all this into your email you can subscribe to his free newsletter.


Author : Liam Gray

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