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DoubleLyrics.comDouble Lyrics is a search engine for lyrics that is focused on providing people with highly relevant results above everything else. You see, whenever you carry out a search you are being presented with lyrics ordered according to how likely they are to match exactly what you looked up.

The ones that probably have more to do with what you have inputted are placed at the top, and those which are probably unrelated are relegated to the bottom of the list.

Something that certainly deserves praise is how easy it is to add a lyric to the database. You don’t have to sign up, or authenticate who you are using Facebook Connect or anything like that. You are allowed to upload anything directly, and have it become indexed and findable by others right away.

And people who use the site are also given the choice to review the lyrics that are featured. Fans love doing that, of course. And the rest of us get to know more about the songs themselves, so there is no reason to complain at all. In Their Own Words

“The most comprehensive lyric search.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is extremely fast, and it produces relevant results. That’s a wining combination.

Some Questions About

How is the relevancy of lyrics established from a technical viewpoint?